ContentZ is ZOYA’s younger brother. We make good-looking content at great prices. We focus on quality of service, speed of delivery, and maximising value for our clients. 

We don’t just create great video content. We’re also focused on the perfect customer experience. We work hard behind the scenes to create simple and streamlined workflows. This starts with our transparent pricing, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

We've made films for brands like Amazon, Just Eat, Travelex, Spotify, New Look, the Stylist, Stella McCartney, and Stowford Press. We’ve also worked with corporate clients such as Pictet, Onfido, Boring Money, and E Co Ltd. 

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First News iHub – Informational launch video

With a weekly readership of over 2 million children, First News is an important educational resource across the country. The iHub makes current affairs interactive, encouraging creative learning.

Onfido - recruitment film

Onfido is a start-up which aims to revolutionise background checking through automation. Given their rapid expansion, they asked us to show why Onfido is a great place to work for new recruits.

Spoke – Informational Facebook video

We interviewed Spoke's chief trouser technician for this short and simple Facebook video, where he explains why their chinos fit so well.

Boring Money - Ladies Losing Out

In our prior campaign for Boring Money, our videos received 2 million views and we were awarded the EVCOM Silver Award for Social Media. In collaboration with Keel London, we made 16 more animated videos for Boring Money's next campaign.