About Us


We were founded by film directors. That means stories and creativity are at the heart of who are.

We come up with ideas and work with a wide network of professionals to make them happen.


Well, it’s a pretty cool word.

It also meant something in ancient Greek. Animated life. Life that moves and does stuff. Quick, nimble and always moving - just like us.

But zoya had a second, deeper meaning. It meant LIFE in capital letters. It conveyed the idea that all animated, living things had a common essence – a shared spirit.

And so for us, zoya is an ethos. Our films search out spirited life, for that elemental spark which excites, frightens and reveals something ordinarily hidden.

We work with brands which want to cultivate that spark. Brands which have spirit, and want to share it. Brands which have real personality. Brands which want to make a mark.